The International and Exchange Student Society is a newly formed organisation from the former International Student Center (formerly a student-run group operating as the social branch of Edinburgh Global) and Exchange 360 (an Edinburgh University Students Association society for Exchange students specifically). We are run entirely by volunteers who organise trips, events, and run a student lounge space complete with free tea and coffee every week day.

We encourage integration of home and international students through cultural diplomacy and shared experiences and are dedicated to providing the best overall experiences especially for international and exchange students. Open to all students at the University of Edinburgh, we and our student volunteers are passionate about creating a safe and comfortable environment where members can come to create connections with a variety of people. 


Mission Statement

Given the University’s increasingly global community, the International and Exchange Student Society's ultimate goal is to create a community where students from all cultural backgrounds can feel at home in Edinburgh and to ease the transition of foreign students into university life here, for however long a duration.

The IESS hopes to create lasting bonds and promote cross-cultural exchange through facilitating opportunities to experience Scotland and its culture through trips and by bringing together home, international and exchange students though our Lounge and social events. 


To encourage the greatest cultural exchange among students, the IESS values: