Our Facebook group currently consists of 13,000 members (current and past students and faculty, people in Edinburgh from other parts of the world). 

If you would like to promote your event there, feel free to join! We'll definitely accept the event (and know it's actually you guys) if it contains the following: 

  • The name of the Society (preferably tagged so people can click back to you)

  • If applicable: The event/image containing further information

While this is predominantly ISC focused we're still happy to post your event there as well, but for that we'd need: 

  • Society name

  • a 100 word (max.) description inviting people to the event

  • a picture/event link detailing more info/where they can find more info.

The IESS Weekly Newsletter

For the IESS Newsletter we would simply need the following sent to us at intstudentsoc@gmail.com: 

  • Society name

  • 50 word max. description of the event

  • hyperlink to where more details can be found!