The IESS organises and runs popular short trips all around Scotland and North England.


Widespread & Weekly

With attractive destinations such as the Isle of Skye, St. Andrews, Durham and more, a spot on the trips throughout the semester are a cherished opportunity for many.

Affordable & Student Organised

IESS trips are unique in their availability to all students and their competitive pricing for its high quality. 

Unforgettable Experiences.

“It was a weekly break from studies going all over Scotland. What’s not to like?”
— Survey Respondent 2016/17


The Trip

+ How long is the trip/Where does it go?

Skip on over to our events page where you can see all the available information about the upcoming trip!

+ Where is the pick up/drop off point?

22 Buccleuch Place (behind the library), unless stated otherwise!

+ What is included in the ticket price?

It varies from trip to trip, but what is definetely covered in the ticket price is the transportation costs!

+ Can I get a ticket for this trip in person?

Tickets for most trips will be sold online unless otherwise stated. You can stay updated to the latest ticket sales news via our facebook event pages!

+ I was really hoping to reserve a ticket for…

Your relative? By all means! So long as you are a current University of Edinburgh student, a family member is welcome! While we have in the past opened up our trips to non-UoE students, we prioritize students and staff at the Univeristy of Edinburgh.

+ Oh good can I reserve one in advance then?

Nope! Unless otherwise stated it is first come first serve!

+ Are tickets refundable?

No. Note that we also do not do partial refund if any of the attraction places that are covered in the ticket are closed due to weather warning.

+ Can I resell my ticket?

Yes - you can post it up on the event pages to ask if anyone wants to buy your ticket but we hold no responsibility for that and tickets are not refundable. Please do email to notify us of the change with the name, email, and contact number of the new buyer if you managed to resell your ticket!

Buying your Ticket Online:

+ Hey what do I need to reserve a ticket online?

You'll need your student number, your email, and a credit/debit card!

+ Um excuse me, I went to the Edinburgh University Student Association website and it wasn't working.

We work hard with our ticket distributors ensure our ticket sales run smoothly. In the unfortunate cases where they do not please trust that we are doing all that we can and will keep you updated in the meantime.

Once you've bought your ticket:

+ I finally got my confirmation email, should I pick up my ticket/ email the information to you/ print out my confirmation email?

Just bring us your confirmation email (google form response receipt/payment confirmation) or the physical ticket (if purchased in-person) on the day (either printed out or on your phone!

+ Where do I meet up/go/how do I get to...?

Check out the event url on the website or our Facebook Page for all the available information about the upcoming trip!

For more information about trips:

Join our trips subcommittee