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Are you looking for a way to engage with the student community, gain useful skills and apply to the Edinburgh Award while having fun? Join our team and become part of the IESS family. 

We're currently revamping our volunteer system, so the information here is just for reference and may be changed in the future. Why don't you email us on or send us a message on Facebook to ask about the details and sign up?

Help us out!

As a volunteer, the space and friendships I managed to make there were integral in making my study abroad a fulfilling one to remember for years to come.
— C. T. W, Singapore 2016/17

Being a volunteer in the IESS Social Team is an amazing way to make friends from all over the world, enhance your resume and learn useful skills. 

Key Responsibilities:  

Make coffee and tea. Ensure the space is tidy. Create a friendly environment and give advice to newcomers. Brainstorming and planning events. Marketing and advertising.

Time commitment: min. 9 hours/month

  • One 1 hour weekly shift in the Lounge, either at Pleasance in the Activities Hub

  • One meeting every two weeks

  • One event of your choice per semester (circa 4 hours/event)

If you commit to a total of 35 hours over the course of the semester, you are eligible to participate in the Edinburgh Award, an official recognition of your work to build a global community on campus. 

If you're thinking, "Say no more!" and are ready to commit, become a volunteer!

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